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How It Works

What is a Gift Card API?

NGC's Gift Card API is a REST based API (application programming interface) that allows our clients to buy electronic gift cards from NGC programmatically, with seamless integration into your loyalty, rewards, membership, or incentive platforms. Fulfilment has never been easier for electronic gift cards! NGC's gift card solution gives you control over eGift card and ecode delivery in real time. We created all of our solutions and products to fit our customers' objectives, so our API is not a one size fits all. Our gift card API provides the custom solution you need.

How do I get eGift cards/ecodes through Gift Card API?

The ways in which your program or application can integrate with our gift card API are virtually endless. Some ways the gift card API can work with your program are:

  • Depositing the live code on a website for a user to pick up
  • Emailing an eCode directly to the recipient
  • Dropping a file on a FTP and having the eCodes deploy to recipients
  • Rewarding gift cards electronically to end customers
  • ...and more!

To read more about our electronic gift card solutions and to find out other ways in which our gift card API can be used for your organization, check out our solutions page.


If you have more questions about our Gift Card API and how it can work for you please contact us here or call us at 888-472-8747 today!