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Recipient Fulfillment

With NGC’s Gift Card API, Bulk eGift Card Fulfillment is Simple

NGC’S Gift Card API allows you to send eGift cards to your recipients in real time. The days where your recipients had to wait around for their gift card rewards are gone. Our Gift Card API makes the entire bulk eGift card fulfillment process simple, effortless, and instantaneous.

Simply provide us with the email template you’d like to send the eGift card within and we’ll take care of the rest. We seamlessly integrate our services within your program. Plus, we automate the sending process so it’ll easily reach all of your program participants.

Who said rewarding your employees and participants had to be hard work? With NGC, it’s not. Thanks to our API, your corporate gift card program or bulk gift card package is taken care of.

Why Should I Use the NGC Gift Card API?

Here are just some reasons why our direct-to-recipient bulk gift card fulfillment program will do wonders for your gift card program.

  • Accuracy. We maintain strict quality assurance controls to ensure complete accuracy and give you peace of mind.
  • Easy Delivery. Real time delivery allows instant gratification of your recipients’ reward. Here are just a few of the delivery methods we offer:
    • Email an eGift card directly to the recipient
    • Deposit the live eGift card on a website for a user to pick up
    • Drop a file on an FTP and have the eGift card deploy itself to recipients
  • Personalized. Your email template will be completely customized to look just like your brand’s existing email format.
  • Zero inventory. Our system allows you to store your live inventory with us and access our archived inventory.

With our API and our dedicated team, your eGift card program isn’t a headache any longer. Our solutions are always customized, so your unique needs will always be met. Learn more about NGC’s Gift Card API here.

Any questions? Want to learn more about how our Gift Card API can fuel your program’s direct-to-recipient fulfillment? NGC is here to help.

 Call our toll free number at (888) 991-7261 or fill out our contact form now.